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What Joy Can Bring

October 8, 2011
By SuchALittleLady BRONZE, Barberton, Ohio
SuchALittleLady BRONZE, Barberton, Ohio
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We smile for the moment, but soon after, we come to hating our lives again. Somethings that should be taken lightly are taken too seriously and somethings that are taken too seriously should be taken lightly. We really do not understand how important joy is. Joy to me is something that can not be taken from you, a mixture of things as if it were a recipe. Life is no longer considered a gift. Waking up to see another day, is not what we call a precious morning. It has become something we are so used to, we take it for granted. What if you lived a persons' life,who happened to be less fortunate than you? Do you think you would be more appreciative or remain the same? Unfortunately for us, we all do not take reality for what it is. Not understanding the struggles and sacrifices of others, simply because, we have not experienced what others have. So the next time you think to say " I hate my life", remember, there is always someone who is worst off.

The author's comments:
What has inspired me to write this article was how much I take life for granted, and I do not take the time to think of others that have it worst. I hope people see that life is something precious, and should not be taken lightly.

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