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Don't Be a Sheep

October 16, 2011
By xxapophisxx SILVER, Bettencourt, Michigan
xxapophisxx SILVER, Bettencourt, Michigan
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It starts with the Record Companies. They decide what they want us to listen to. They pick out someone who can sing/rap, but can’t write music at all. They pay some cheap songwriter to write music for them. Then they advertise this “Artist” in a way that basically says, “This is cool music. People who are cool listen to it. If you want to be cool too then buy all of this guy’s/girl’s albums!”
Of course, instead of thinking for themselves, people do what the advertisements tell them. Rap becomes popular, Pop music is blaring on the radio, and hip-hop spreads like a disease.
So why do the record companies do this? Money. It’s cheaper to have just one artist who has someone write the music for him, than it is to have a band that writes the music themselves. Basically, the record companies tell all of us what to listen to, (And we obey,) just so they can fill their own pockets. They use us. They lead us along like sheep. And let’s face it, nobody wants to be a sheep.

There are talented musicians out there. People write their own music and perform it. Bands play together and understand musical theory, like key changes and time signatures. Things Justin Bieber couldn’t tell you about. Basic things every musician knows.

So why is this important? It’s just music? Well first off, does it make since for the Rapper who doesn’t write his own music to be making three times the amount of money the real musician does? I think not.

Secondly, music reflects society. Pop/Hip-Hop/ and most Rap artists don’t play instruments. When they record an album they have Synthesizers play pre-recorded guitar/drums/bass noises. When they play live they just hit the play button and the music plays for them. All they have to do is sing/rap/dance over it. This shows how lazy people have become. We rely on technology to do things for us. It won’t be long until we are morbidly obese idiots who are lead along like sheep by McDonald's and the Record Companies.

So, think for yourselves. Don’t let the record companies tell you what music you like. You decide what music you like. Then support that music. Don’t be a sheep.

The author's comments:
Think for yourselves.

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