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Miss Representation

October 21, 2011
By Stormmyweather101 BRONZE, Port Orchard, Washington
Stormmyweather101 BRONZE, Port Orchard, Washington
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Recently I watched a show called Miss Representation on OWN, it was about how women are objectified in our society by the media and are withheld from high positions because men and even other women are intimated by the power that they may hold. It showed statistics and facts about women on TV and in businesses and in politics, trying to inform the public on how unjust it is that women are treated like such second-class citizens.
Now I would not call myself a Feminist, but this had to have been one of the most empowering things I have ever seen. After watching this, I went online to get more information on the subject and found out that they have a K-12 curriculum for schools, teaching children the truth about the media's manipulation and power over the public. So today, I went to the Principal of my school in attempts to get the program implemented in not only my high school but in the entire school district and perhaps other districts as well.
My Principal was more than happy to help me, the next step in my quest is to go to the district and see if they would be willing to add this to their curriculum. What I am asking all of you to do is try this yourself. Watch the show, see past the haze of media manipulation, and try to help future generations by getting this program into your school, its important. 30 years ago, it was racism, now its sexism.

We can do this; together we can change the world.

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