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New Year's Resolutions We Could Have Been Doing All Along

January 11, 2012
By MissyxJoker SILVER, Rochester, New York
MissyxJoker SILVER, Rochester, New York
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New Year.
New Slate.
What will you do different?

Many are known to participate in the fad of New Year's resolutions, renewing themselves for the year to come by making a list of actions they wish to accomplish. Such popular ones include: getting in shape, spend more time with friends and family, quitting smoking, enjoy life more, ect. However, there are those that find no need to participate in such overrated acts, believing that if one truly wanted to change themselves they wouldn't need a holiday to do it. This may be due to the assumption that most resolutions will be forgotten once the holiday happiness fades, only to be evoked next new year only to fall victim to the same fate. But that doesn't stop people worldwide from desiring to change for the better, in this clean slate of a new year.

What could the world do differently?

Sadly if there was anyone who needed a renewal with the new year upon us, it would be the same world we find ourselves in at this very moment. Every action taking place around us whether locally or across the globe. The world could do with a new approach.

1. Peace
So many different voices worldwide no matter the culture, religion, race want an end to the wars. The desperation is not limited to one country but is so widespread that countries come together for this specific reason; to keep things under control. So much effort put into place to keep things regulated, control over unnecessary wars. Keep track of unnecessary deaths. Families begging for their loved ones back. Pride in protecting a country , that has no need to be under attack. We're all humans yet we find faults in one another based on their culture, race, or simply background. Frankly, our superiority complex is unbelievable. Wars will never end for the simple fact that there will always be one human who will desire the property of another, to make themselves superior. That won't stop the voices from screaming.

2. Cleanse
Simply ridding the world of all it's corruption, all the incredible amounts of hate. You could argue that for their to be love their must be hate.. but there's a limit. When a person can hate, for no reason whatsoever, it makes you stop and realize how unbelievable it is that we live in this kind of world. That we survive. Frankly it's quite astonishing that we haven't wiped ourselves out. There's no need for all this hate, such pathetic acts of human error. So many flawed mindsets, desiring to be better than one another. Media fueled discrimination, ideology of how one must look or act. Dense, thick-headed individuals in power, encouraging the hate and violence. Bomb after bomb dropped, bullet after bullet, human blood splattered because of hate with no just cause. There is simply no reason for hate. Then, what is it still doing here?

3. Neighbors
We are not the only ones on this planet. Point-blank. We weren't the first ones here either. If this is understood, then someone please explain why our species feels the need to wipe out everything in sight. News flash, those forests you insist on tearing down for your own personal needs are alive. Our species are generally omnivores, so it's acceptable that we must kill to survive, it's the basic lesson of an regulated natural society. However, when we kill in such mass amounts, when our food is raised in factories, birthed and raised simply to be a meal, with no ability to put up a fight whatsoever, is not natural. The fact that one goes out and acquires licenses to go out and kill for fun, is simply sickening. When protecting the environment, the living world around us, is seen as a fad, something to be done for the fact of being seen as a good person; not for the actual desire for the world to be healthy, is saddening. So many animals have fallen victim to extinction due to our presence, an uncounted for variety of plant life as well, simply because humans perceive themselves to be the greatest of them all. Why must co-habituating be so difficult?

The world could be so different if more humans simply looked beyond themselves, and saw how much simpler the world would be if these simple errors were took into account, and changed. These few changes may be hard to enforce but once everyone got the routine of it, the world would be a better place for generations to come. Simple New Year's resolutions given thought, is all it takes. One second to stop and see how much better things could be, one second for the desire to grow. One second for the passion to burn in hearts worldwide, an unstoppable force pushing for change.
A new year for all.
A clean slate for every human.

The author's comments:
I have always seen the big picture of the world, thought outside my own local bubble. I believe the world has the potential to be a better place, if every mind wanted it as bad as another.

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