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Personal Change

February 17, 2012
By Shortty1314 GOLD, Fox Lake, Illinois
Shortty1314 GOLD, Fox Lake, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
"What, do you really think I was
strong enough to handle it?
If you did, then sweetie, you
don't know me at all.
These "smiles" are fake.
Just another lie people bought.
You will never know the disaster
that's behind them." -Anonymous

Have your friends ever told you, you have changed? Not just the way you act but the type of person you became? You try to believe your friends but when you look at yourself, you don't really see anything that has happened for them to say that.

But as you slowly move further into the future; you getting naked with someone one night, getting high the next. All nights staying out until four a.m. with some guy that has a girlfriend. You start to realize that you're not the same person that you used to be. You want that nice, protective, non-snotty girl to come back. You miss her! Things in your life are not the same without her. You want that girl back, you would do anything to get that girl back.
On this day, you have only done one thing wrong and it hurt dramatically, after you realized what you actually did. It was like a window being shattered and you getting hurt worse trying to fix it. I mean, come on, you didn't really have to say that to him. You hurt him but you still love him. You want him back, right? He was your life. But now, you think he deserves better. He should have a girl that cares about what he says, is not sarcastic about every little thing, and doesn't start fights over the stupidest things.
That girl that has gone away should come back. Without her, it feels like I'm walking on thin ice and any second I'll take a wrong step and fall. Fall forever. Your friends tell you they miss you, or do they miss her?
Where did she go, that girl? Into another world where nobody knows what's going on? A place that has no return? I hope that's not the case. Did the girl go into hiding? Is she waiting to be healed so she can be free again? Is she crying? Millions of questions and no answers. What will we do when she never returns? Can I do something so that lovely girl comes back? Will she ever take over my life again?
But time doesn't pass quick enough and that sweet girl hasn't returned, so I guess I'll keep trying and waiting. I don't know what will happen of me if that girl doesn't return. Do you...?

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