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Life. Family. Education.

March 11, 2008
By Anonymous

There are so many important things that matters to me, for instance family, religion and education. I was adopted when I was only six months old from Mexico. I haven’t met my biological mom, brothers and sisters and do not know my biological dad, since his name was not on the birth certificate. But I do have pictures of my mom, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, and my grandpa, from 1991. I was adopted into a Mexican-American mom and a Canadian-Irish dad. From the time I had my first birthday in Kansas, and finally became a U.S. citizen in 2005, I have looked around my environment in Overland Park, Kansas and realize that I am one lucky girl to be living in such a good community and was giving a second chance of life. My adopted mom Irma, her side of the family has been so loving and crazy for the past 18 years of my life. Loving, from the time I came into the States with their arms open wide for a new baby stranger, to the time of now. Crazy, with those wild Mexican families of laughter and crazy aunts and uncles, but I love them all for they are. My adopted dad, David, his family has also been the same just like the Perez, crazy and caring. I am so glad that I was adopted to these two families, I could never ask for another family. Like some people say, “I can’t see my-self with another family”, well maybe because no one has ever tried to live with a family, unless they were forced to, like in a reality show.
But once I have a family of my own, I know that I would want my family to be the same just the Perez’s and Hill’s. My family would be and will be crazy, caring, generous, honesty, compassionate, loving, and always achieving goals for the future. My mom’s side of the family is HUGE, and my dad’s side is small, but I want my family to be in between; but part of me does want a big family. I cannot stand no noise, no silent, I need noise I need craziness. As you can tell family means so much to me, since I have been through a lot when I was a baby. But one day I will get to meet my real mom, brothers and sisters and hopefully my biological father.
Religion is another important matter to me. I am grown into a Christian home; a Nazarene family. My first church was the Spanish Church of the Nazarene in KCK. Now I am going to College Church of the Nazarene in Olathe, KS. Some people have heard the sayings that Christian’s kids are the most rebellious sometimes. Well that is true in my case; and I am not proud of it. Back in eighth grade I was a “punk” if that is the term. I wore black, had a gel bracelet, listen to satanic music. Starting of freshman year I started to pop pills, cut myself and smoke, and still went to church. For three and half years I have been clean of popping pills, but sometimes might have a smoke here and there. But besides that, even though I went to church all my life. I was never really that “strong Christian”, and still aint but I am sure getting there; now that I am going to a Christian college in the fall of ’08.
Last but not least, another important matter to me is education. I was always an “A B” student in elementary (of course), but in fifth grade that all change with my first “F” I got. I was so devastated when I received that letter grade on a homework assignment in Mrs.Ikners class. Since then I haven’t always been good in, even when I try my hardest and have been through all those tutors, I could never really achieve to be a honor roll student. Even now, that I am a senior that honor roll still hasn’t come. But I am sure trying my hardest to please my parents at the end of the school, to show them that I did try my hardest. When I go off to the best college in my states county, I know that with the education that I will get. I will become a successful psychologist and detective. When I start a family, and when my kids are in middle school. I will push them, and tell them that I never really had that push when I was their age and that I don’t want them to go of what I went through of struggling just to get an “A”. I am a smart student, but I am the person that needs time to understand some concepts and some just come easy for me; but for sure I am street smart.
From family to religion to education, all of these matter to me. I have no number one matter, because they are equal and it’s what I want in my future life. A good family, a strong Christian husband and give my children the best education that there is.

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