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The Time For Change

March 24, 2008
By Anonymous

3rd grade

I am me I am funny, loud, energetic, outgoing, and popular. I am in 3rd grade, and I go to Robin’s Elementary School.
I love to play on the play ground, I love to swing, I have plenty of friends, I live with out a care, and I don’t care what any one thinks.
My parents are divorced, but my life is still great in my mind until the news came that Clag Horn Elementary School shut down and the kids that went there would now be coming to our school, and I would be getting kicked of the school that I have been in since the beginning of kindergarten, and the school where I just about know every ones names……………………….

4th grade

I am me I am funny, quiet, calm, outgoing (inside but I am afraid to show it), and I am unknown. I am in 4th grade, and I now go to Manz Elementary School.
I still love to play on the play ground (even though there play ground isn’t as great as Robbins play ground was), I still love to swing (I like their swings a lot better because they are more comfortable), I have one friend, I still live with out a care (well I act like it any way), and now I do care what every one thinks.
My parents got back to gather (but not married but I hope they do eventually), and now my life isn’t that great (at least not as great as it us to be), but I guess you could say it is ok.
Now I get the news that my one and only friend who is nice and caring (we get into a lot of fights) is moving and I probably wouldn’t see her ever again………………………...

5th grade

I am me I am funny, very quiet, shy, not outgoing at all (only because I am afraid to get judged by the people in this school who make my life miserable by teasing me for no good reason. I guess they need). I am in 5th grade, and I still go to Manz Elementary School.
I still love to play on the play ground (alone, but only because no one else will), I still love to swing ( alone), I have one new friend, I no longer live with out a care, and I’m always worried about what every one else thinks (so I try to keep to myself so it will make it harder for them to judge me).
My parents are still together (still not married they say it is to expensive) my life is horrible (at least at school, but at home it is ok I guess). Now my one new friend (who I thought I could trust) is ditching me for the popular kids… then I make 3 new friends (they don’t treat me that great I feel like they are just using me. I wonder if they even like me). And then I get the news that a new kid is coming (I think nothing of it) and it hapines to be a girl my age in the same grade as me.

Me and her become friends, but then I end up doing the same thing that my other friend did to me (ditch me) because my 3 new friends didn’t like her (I feel really bade. I feel really horrible)………...

6th grade

I am me (or at least who I think I am, or who I try to be sop that people will like me) I don’t know if I am funny any more, I’m very quiet, very shy, I have lost my “outgoingness,” and now parsley known. I am in 6th grade, and now I got to South Middle School.
I don’t really care about playing on the play ground (they don’t have one any ways, but I kind of miss it), I still like to swing (but I guess I don’t care), I have one new best friend, I still don’t live without a care, and I’m still always worried about what every one else thinks.
My parents are still together (I with they weren’t, because they fight a lot, and still not married) my life is getting better and better every day (at school at lest).

Now my new best friend and I got into a fight, and she took every one away from me she started hanging out with me less and less because all she wanted was some were to go so she didn’t have to be deal with her mom (we hade so much in common and we hade sleep over’s at each others houses all the time).
I still talk to those people sometimes (I don’t know why. I guess I am just trying to fit in). But then I meet this girl.
I remember my x best friend picking on her and I did nothing (I just stood there and did nothing. She picked on her because she was different, and every time she did it I would remember how I felt in 5th grade). We start to talk… we become friends…. Then we become best friends, and we understand each other.
But then just when I thought my life (at school) was starting to get better my x best friend told her things about me and got her to ditch me (I know she didn’t want to.
All she wanted was to fit in, be wanted, and popular. Just like me).
She realizes that it doesn’t matter, she stars to feel guilty, and we become friends again…. Then we become best friends again.
7th grade

I don’t know who I am (but I’m trying to figure it out. I really am).
I don’t do funny and laughter any more ( barley ever smile. I have become a mean and very angry person). I am really quiet (only around people that are not my friends, and I f you are a prep I look at you with hate and so much anger, because I believe that “they” are the reason you hear about kids snapping and killing people at their school). I am very shy (if I don’t know you, but once I get to know you I am not no more). I am only out going around my friends, and now almost every one knows me (every one in my grade, but they don’t all know me in such a good way, and people that don’t know me and hear about me don’t even want to know me).
I am in 7th grade, and I still go to South Middle School. I like to hang out with my fiends, I like to watch TV ( I have no energy for life now. Some times I wish I could just fall asleep and never wake up). I have 1 ½ friends now (when I say 1 ½ friends I mean one of them I just talk to and I never really hang out with her or anything). I live with out a care (not caring about life or my self). I act like I don’t care what everyone else thinks (but I really do. I just use the anger to hide how I really feel).
My parents are still “together” (but they are always fighting and I wish that they would just split up. I am so sick of it. Can’t they see it is tearing me apart? Cant they tell how this is affecting me?).
I guess you could say my life is pretty good at school now (not at home. Absolutely not at home).
Now me and my best friend make friends with five or six people, and they feel how we feel (hurt and all alone. Fighting the battle of life all alone), they understand what we have been through in our lives (because they to have been through some of the same miserable things that we have), but they are not the best people in fallowing the rules and doing what they are told (I think that is because their parents just don’t care).
We now sit at there lunch table and we all become very close friends.
We fight some times (I think because we have no other way to let our anger out) but we get over it, because we understand.

8th grade

I am some one different, some one that this world has created, and some one that this world has destroyed and scarred for life (and by the world I mean the people in it).
I love to laugh and I love to have fun (but the kind of fun that I mean is totally different from before).
I am really loud, I say what I want and think nothing of it, I suppose every one knows me now (the new me, the different me, the sad and hopeless me, and the girl that is always in trouble).
I am in 8th grade, and I still go to South Middle School. I like to hang out with my friends. I like to watch TV (still). I don’t care what every one else thinks (because caring takes to much energy).
My parents are separated (but they still see each other kind of, it is so confusing. Sometimes I just want to yell at my mom and tell her that this is not right either you love him or not and if you don’t then stop pretending you do, because its not only hurting him it’s hurting me to. I have feelings to believe it or not).
My life is going pretty well (for now, but one thing happiness after the other. Sometimes I ask god why me. Other times I don’t even believe he is really, because it is hard to believe in him when your life is crap and every one else in your family doesn’t believe in him).
I am still friends with the same people.
I have been staying out of trouble, and I have been keeping my friends out of trouble.

All I know is I hope I am helping them like they are helping me to become a better person, live life to the fullest, never give up no matter how hard life gets, and to understand the real meaning of friendship.
This is me!!!

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