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Get Back and Stop Talking Smack

April 2, 2008
By Anonymous

Many people might say that they have the best of friends in the world, but do they know that some of their friends are talking smack behind their back?
It is really sickening to have to hear people day after day talk about other people behind their back, and then five minutes later that “talker” is seen talking to the same person they were just talking about.
Talking about somebody behind their back is a form of harassment which is considered bullying.
Why talk about someone behind their back if you cannot say it to their face? You know that someone is most likely going to go and tell the person whom you were “trashing,” and then you just started an unfriendly adventure for yourself.
With the way society is today, people would think that talking about other people behind their back is childish, which it is. As it is sad that they do not even care how they make others feel with what they have to say.
There are so many altercations around the world for different reasons; most begin with a squabble, then the next thing you know you and some person are on the ground fighting. Fights are one of the many outcomes of trashing other people.
Some people who are the ones being trashed just cannot take the agony of the verbal abuse any longer, and that is when they are pushed way too far over the edge and bring guns to school and shoot people, or even kill themselves.
There was a 13 year old girl named Meagan Meier who hanged herself because of a hoax on MySpace. She received a friend request from this boy named “Josh Evans” he was “16” and “hot.” He would tell Meagan things that would make her feel better about her, and one day he decided he no longer wanted to be friends with her. He said “I don’t know if I ant to be friends with you anymore because I heard that you are not very nice to your friends.” Megan had no idea what Josh was talking about or where he got that idea from. Later that night October 15, 2006 Meagan Taylor Meier hanged herself in her room and died the following day, just three weeks before her 14th birthday.
Meagan and a friend decided to end a friendship because they were always alternating between being friends and the next not being friends.
In the same neighborhood a girl who carpooled with Meagan’s ex-friend, was asked to go along with the MySpace Hoax, and received a call from the girls mother telling her not to say anything after Meagan was rushed in the ambulance. Meagan’s ex-friend’s mother was the one who made up Josh Evan’s MySpace account.
It is really hard to believe that people are so arrogant and would stoop that low to hurt another person, especially knowing that they are depressed. When an adult has the power to mess with a child’s mind the way that, that mother did to Meagan they have conquered the world of the child.
The mother wanted to know badly why Meagan had ended the friendship with the other girl and to see if Meagan was saying anything behind her back. What went on between Megan and the other girl would have run its course; unfortunately the girl’s mother had to take things way out of proportion.
Some people fight to defend something they strongly believe in, such as their religion or political beliefs, which they should not have to fight for, they have the right to their own opinions without being judged.
It is really unfair for people to trash others, and for others to have to hear it. Sure enough those who trash others would not want somebody going up to them and telling them that their “best friend” was just running their mouth about him or her.
People have their own ways to deal with their pain but bullying others is not exceptional. There are other ways to ease pain.
On the Dr. Phil show there was a bully that appeared as a guest. Tiffany, who was 19 years old, gave her reasons for bullying. Tiffany states that her main goal is to “piss people off” When she bullies “weaker” students it ranges from name-calling to physically attacking them. She does not only bully other students she bullies her mother and her boyfriend as well.
When Tiffany was asked by Dr. Phil if she “struts around, and says “I’m a big deal”?” her answer was “yes.”
Why would one be so proud to admit that they are a bully?
A mother who appeared on the same show had to tell her son’s story from being tormented and tortured day after day. Cathy brought with her a letter her son wrote before he committed suicide.
Dr. Phil read the letter out loud and it read, “I would be going through none of this if it weren’t for how I was treated in high school. They need to pay for what they did to me, and my soul will not rest until they do.”
The mother could not get any cooperation from the school while the bullying was going on. After her son Brandon killed himself there was still nothing that the school did.
Here at Beekmantown High School many people think what they are saying is harmful criticism to others can be taken to heart by those who are victimized by the criticism.
Students are not the only ones who talk bad about other people behind their backs. Teachers as well as substitute teachers do the same; they either talk about students in an unprofessional manner or their colleagues.
If someone is being talked about or criticized then they should be able hear it from whomever is saying it after all they have the right to stand up for themselves and should be given the chance to do so.
I am not saying that I am an angel when it comes to criticizing others, because I am far from that. It is not like I go around talking bad about others to each and every person though. Honestly I would rather tell somebody what I think of them to their face instead of saying it behind their back.

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