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I Have Had a Lot of Scary Things Happen...

April 3, 2008
By Anonymous

I have had alot of scary and bad things happen to me in my life. People have put me down at my weakest time of the day. When I was going through family problems and didnt want to live my life the way I used to, I can admitt that it was scary. Sometimes I wounder if teenagers my own age go through the same thing and how they handle their problem. I love school, unlike other teenagers my own age. I want and will make something of myself, even though people close to me dont believe in me. I'm confident, smart and that will get me far in life. For all the teenagers out there with questions and no answers, you will find the right answers at the right time. I found my answer by not even looking for it and look at me, my passion is writing and I know thats what I will become, a writer. So dont give up on life, it hasnt gave up on you. So all you teenagers live your life with passion and no regret.

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