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In my Whole Life

April 9, 2008
By Anonymous

In my whole life I have never appreciated what my mother has done for me, and how much she has sacrificed. Until recently I have took all of her love for granted. I am one of many of my father’s children, but I am her only child. Even though my daddy has had money, and could have helped us out when I was young, he has just recently gotten involved in my life.

My mama has raised me on her own. She got pregnant with me right before she was supposed to go to grad school to be a doctor. At the time she had no family members that were in the position to take care of me while she went to school. So she didn’t go. She came back to her home town, and took up a job there. She is still there today and working in the same place.
It was hard when I was little. We didn’t always have enough money, or enough to eat. It got better for us when I started going to school, because some of my family members started helping us out. In the summer before my 4th grade year I went to Dallas and stayed with my uncle. There I started getting involved in gang activities,fighting,stealing,etc. When I came back to Mexia for my school year I regularly got in trouble. I spent the majority of my 4th grade year suspended and in ISS. The start of my 5th grade year I was in AEP. My behavior stayed like that until the beginning summer before my 9th grade year I myself became a parent.
After that news truly sunk in, I started examining myself. I realized that how I was acting wasn’t the way to go. It took having a child for me to stop being one. From the self-examination I found out how selfish I was, and how I was hurting my mama. She loved me, and tried her best to give me everything I needed. But back then I was rebellious and hard headed.

My mother was hurt when she found out. I knew that she thought there was no help for me. But despite all this she helped me out. Her love and care for me opened my eyes and got me off the wrong track. I’ve always been smart. Because of her im taking classes that otherwise I wouldn’t be taking. If not for her, I would probably be out in the street somewhere right now, or maybe dead. I love my mama with all my heart, and I now finally realize how much she loves me.

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