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What Matters to Me

February 9, 2008
By Anonymous

Money, diamonds, cars, they can take it all! Nothing in the world can matter more to me then my family. Family is always there for me; my family would never disown me or hurt me. At times we fight, and at times we yell, but those are the kind of things that make us stronger in the end. I would be lost without them in my life. We been through it all, they know me better then myself, I would say. When I’m feeling down, they are the only people who know what’s wrong, and I don’t even have to say a word; they can read it all in my eyes. They are the only people who know how to fix my feelings or who can dry my tears away. They are the shoulder I cry on and the people I talk to when I’m mad. I know if I ever need them, they would be there by my side, like they always do. These are the people who would take a bullet for me, no lie. And they would always stick up for me, right or wrong, because we go through it all together, thick and thin, rain or shine. My family is the only thing in my life that matters. I don’t need anything else but them in my life. They can take everything away from me, anything but my family. I love my family to death; they are the only thing that matters to me in my life.

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