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Are You Cool?

April 15, 2008
By Anonymous

Walking down the halls of Blue Valley Northwest, sweating up a storm for customers at the Palazzo 16 Theater, and chit-chatting away through texts and Facebook messaging, those around my age try to convince me I am not cool. This conclusion results from a common statement, “Actions speak louder than words.” Both, in this care, work against me. They say I am silly and somewhat immature by watching my actions. They say I am extremely random and ‘understanding-challenged’ by listening to my words. Students somehow take actions completed and words revealed, squash them together, and came out with calling me, Tiara Williams, lame! For what I do, appears childish, and what I speak, seems not up to par with other juniors because I am a little slow to grasp concepts. As a kid, preferably young adult, in high school, we should be gaining knowledge, making more educated decisions. I, with my Bible-based morals, refuse to drink or smoke cigarettes or weed. Yet, teenagers actually believe I, of all people, am missing out on fun simply because I did not attend a party that they can hardly remember. I am not cool enough to get invited in the first place once learned I live a sober, clean life. People I see everyday, co-workers, and friends have not accomplished their goal. Standing behind my beliefs, not being the smartest one in BVNW, reminding the crowd I am sixteen, still adapting, will never convince me I am not cool.

In fact, I can only laugh out loud at the truth. Every point stated for reasons of me being not cool, justifies why I am totally cool! Giving the impression, mankind assumes and judges a book by its cover. I am silly and somewhat immature, according to unmentionables. Sometimes, I am the last one to get the joke. This is all based on perspective. To me, I view it as being a little slow, not boring but knowing how to have a good time and entertain. Adults shout, “Have fun! You are only young once.” If that is valid, then let me enjoy my youth. Several declare I am un-cool because I am wild and outgoing outside of the party scene. On the surface, I come off as happy-go-lucky. Inside, I am deep and spiritual. My religion and the way I my parents raised me have allowed me to become wiser, uphold my dignity and self-respect. The human beings that mean something in my life have already told me, numerous times, I am cool to the max! Their words count. Plus, I have confidence and faith in myself. Those ingredients equal all I need to proudly reply, “I am cool.”

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