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What Kids Think

May 15, 2008
By Anonymous

Arrowhead High School: a rich community where money and students’ sports ability matter most. Am I stereotyping? Yes. What if I read this sentence to every person in the AHS community; some would obviously be offended because it does not pertain to everybody. Everyone can have their own opinion, but I don’t think it’s fair to always voice it.

When students were asked to label the lunch tables in the lunch room as to how they perceive the students that sit at those tables, people made malicious and negative labels. Tables were labeled as sluts, emo’s, druggies, dirty’s, people who think their hot but their not, jocks, skaters, and wanna-be’s. It’s funny how everybody else had their stereotype of everybody else, but they thought their own group was just “normal.” And even if they say they weren’t stereo-typing and they really do hear things that make them think that, that still isn’t fair. This is because a lot of the things that go around Arrowhead High School are rumors. And the people go and say comments like, “Well your friends are mean and slutty.” Is it really fair to judge somebody based on the people they’re associated with? It’s ridiculous. I can see if somebody has a first impression of how other people are based on what they hear about that person’s friends, but they shouldn’t voice that opinion about a that single person then. People shouldn’t generalize a group to be something if just a few people in the group are like that.

I’ve been guilty of making judgments on other people but I try my best not to go around voicing my assumptions. It’s wrong to assume things about people you don’t know but sometimes it’s just human nature. That is why you keep it to yourself and don’t write it down on paper or say it out loud. People’s words can be hurtful to others and I don’t think it’s right that a majority of people at AHS think they have the right to put a label on people. It’s actually pretty sad if you think about it. Hopefully one day people can see other people as their own person rather than their “cliques” status or rumors they hear.

I think that if everyone thought equally about one another, people could have a lot more friends. Judgments don’t need to be made on one another and our school would be a lot better off if they weren’t. People need to learn to keep their opinions to themselves. Different groups of friends probably have a lot more in common with one another than some people think. If all sorts of different groups became friends at Arrowhead High School, then I’m sure people could use their talents more to help others. Our school would be better off that way.

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