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What If We Lost Our Luxories?

August 22, 2008
By SallyWally GOLD, Mallerstang, Other
SallyWally GOLD, Mallerstang, Other
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Let me just start off by saying this. I'm am not usually a very philosophical person. To be honest, i'm actually pretty shallow. Sure i care about my family and friends, and i'm an active member of Amnesty International, but i also have an unhealthy intrest in Fashion and Beauty.
This whole idea started while i was one day standing in Topshop (Told you i was shallow), looking at a particularly fantastic dress, and half listening to the people around me. I happened to hear part of a conversation by two girls behind me. One of them was talking about some other friend they had fallen out with because she had worn the same skirt as her to a party they had recently attended. This girl had thought her skirt was ultra fashionable and that no-one else should wear it. I stood there in awe listening to them, and thought, what a ridiculous reason to fall out! It was just a skirt for god sake! Then something hit me, i could see myself doing exactly what that girl was doing now. Falling out with people over trivial things. Wrecking perfectly good relationships, hurting people, and generally stopping my life over something as stupid as a skirt. This thought stopped me in my tracks and i had to sit down. What if we took away all our luxeries? What if teenagers today just had the basics? We never had high fashion or flashy mobiles and MP3 players. Would we be happier? Would our relationships be any better? Would our friendships last longer? We'd have less to fall out about thats for sure. On a plus side, teens wouldn't get social standing from having the latest IT item. You would become socialble for what you were like as a person. Well thats all very well and good, but its not going to happen. We aren't going to lose all our luxories, and people are going to be more popular by what they have, as its material things that impress people. We have become a society by which having the latest designer bag, or hairstyle has become important. We as a race have a desire to be liked, and in todays modern world, being liked means having the right things. People can relate over things. I happen to have started talking to one of my future best friends by complimenting her on her pencil case. Since then we sat together a lot and the rest, they say, is history. This is not necesarilly a bad thing, take what ever meaning from this article you like, i am mearly just saying, Can we no longer relate to people, so therefore relate to there objects?

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Hey, my name is Sally. I have always loved writing, and whenever i can, i write little articles down. Its so great to finally find somewhere i can write this down and get peoples feedback. My Dream Is To Write For Vogue, Or Another High End Magazine.
Loveya x

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