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40 Things To Do Before You Die

February 18, 2014
By Mishamigo DIAMOND, Newton, Kansas
Mishamigo DIAMOND, Newton, Kansas
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1.Visit Paris, France
2.Drink a glass of hot kool-aid
3.Adopt a dog
4.Have a dance party with yourself
5.Cry out your feelings instead of holding them in
6.Watch an episode of Supernatural on Netflix
7.Watch The Titanic
8.Try bacon flavored toothpaste
9.Dress up as a princess/prince
10.Dance in the rain
11.Write a song about a bunny who licked a pole and got it’s tongue stuck
12.Listen to a song by Of Monsters and Men (King and Lionheart, Little Talks, Slow and Steady, etc…)
13.Wear sunglasses and feel cool
14.Chew Double Bubble and blow a huge bubble
15.Wear mismatching socks
16.Learn to play a musical instrument--even if just a few notes
17.Post a video on Youtube of yourself singing
18.Tell a cheesy joke to your friend
19.Use a lame pick up line on your crush
20.Tell a female teacher that you like her outfit, just to be nice
21.Compliment a random stranger
22.Make someone’s day--hang out with someone for a whole day that you wouldn’t usually hang out with
23.When someone insults you, ignore it. Don’t fight fire with fire. Be the mature one.
24.Eat a leaf
25.Sharpie your nails a different color. Don’t paint, Sharpie.
26.Draw a flower and give it to a random stranger with a kind note written on it or possibly a Bible verse.
27.Have a conversation with someone about politics
28.Read the entire Hunger Games trilogy
29.Write a story about a girl jumping on clouds
30.Write a poem about a boy falling in love
31.Travel to Rome
32.Jump in a pile of leaves
33.Tell your parents that you love them
34.Stand up for your friends/family when they get insulted or bullied
35.Make a list of your favorite songs and give it to someone to listen to
36.Eat a red velvet cupcake
37.Hold/pet a snake, no matter how creepy and/or scary it might seem (optional)
38.Lick your big toe
39.Wear flip flops in the snow
40.Jump on a trampoline

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