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I'm Proud To Be

November 7, 2014
By I_AM_ADLOCKED SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
I_AM_ADLOCKED SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Ever since the age of seven, I have always enjoyed writing. In the third grade, a story I wrote was published giving me a sense of pride that I couldn't describe even with all the words in the English language. When I left third grade, I was given a book of poetry to remind me to keep writing, even if it was about something as silly as making a pizza the size of the sun.

I’ve kept writing, even now as a Junior in highschool, I love to write. My little drabbles of writing are everywhere on my notebooks, my locker, I even write on my arm if there’s nothing else. My writing is a reflection of me, things I never would be able to say-The words could be anything I wanted to say. And they let me say how I feel.

My uncle tells me something every time he catches me sneaking off and scrawling something down on a napkin at the family events. He says, “Take advantage of your country, Cass, other places, you can’t be so free.”

I remember this, every time thoughts or chunks of dialogue come to mind. You see, my uncle lives in India where most don’t even know how to write. And I was taught to write, I’ve even been published. And there’s nothing more that I’ve done that I’m proud of.

Living in America is a luxury most can’t afford. Yet, I was born in America. I was born into a life of privilege without really knowing. The fact I am free, to write whatever I want, express myself in any way I want; makes me proud to be an American. Because there’s nowhere else I can be free. And freedom-It’s a hefty price most people aren’t willing to pay.

So, thank you America. For giving me a chance to be proud, to be free and independant and to do whatever I want! And thank you, for letting me be able to write. It’s helped me so much, and for that, I will gladly stand up to pledge my allegiance to you.

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