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Questions Upon Inquires

February 2, 2009
By Holly Tran SILVER, Middletown, Rhode Island
Holly Tran SILVER, Middletown, Rhode Island
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"Is it better to have loved and lost, or better to have not loved at all?"

You tell me.

It's as though you are walking along a sidewalk and all of a sudden you find yourself on the edge. On the edge of the world. And the depth of the fall seemingly holds a gravitational pull stronger than that of the ground you walk on. It makes struggling a difficult task...and soon the abyss seems more than appealing. It serves no use to swim against the current. What lies beyond solid ground? What shall exist when all hits rock bottom? Is there any silver lining that exists anymore? Did it ever exist?

The world is a fool's playground. One wakes, plays, eats, and sleeps. Slumber is the numbing of the senses...or perhaps it is the zenith. Society has trained the mind to strive for happiness. It has defined happiness as capital, financial stability, love, lust, beauty, luxury... But what is true happiness without the prematurely inserted standards? How can one define happiness without referencing to all that society has violently hammered into the mind? Can happiness ever be a permanent emotional status? Is it an illusion?

Why do events occur in cycles? Circles that wind around our heads like flies around a rancid fruit. History repeats. Humans are bound to make the same mistakes, lead to the same conclusions, let their curiosity get the best of them. Is it true that a little knowlede is a dangerous thing? Perhaps so. The little we know strives us to want to know more... Our journey to obtain that knowledge may be a folly that rewrites history, a folly that restarts the cycle. The cycle of birth, structure, war, death, and rebirth. We constantly fight over what differences we have. We form the crevasses that divide us, the labels that define us. We determine each other's self-worth. We determine our own worth. But who are we to decide the worth of others? Who are we to dictate the lives of others? Who are we to determine right from wrong? Who are we to kill those who kill? Are we not staining our hands just as those we punish have done? Who are we to call punishment justice?

We are narrow sighted. We only see what is an intersection in our lives. We only know what we experience and slightly what we are told. And we tell. We speak, rant, and rave. But we rarely listen. We rarely sit and ponder in silence the chaos that dances in our minds. We rarely sit and listen to those who need a friend the most. We are so caught up in our own paths and obstacles that we fail to see that of our neighbor's. We rarely look past the superficial flairs and dive deep into the real meaning...the real pain. And sometimes a soul just wishes to be heard...just wishes to scream to the world. To cry to the heavens. To let structure fall to ruins in order to fall back together. Perhaps life is a pattern of destruction and construction. Perhaps what lies in front of us is really nothing that we see. Perhaps we are all blinded by a illusion we only wish to believe.

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