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The War Within

February 28, 2009
By Melonn PLATINUM, Phoniex, Arizona
Melonn PLATINUM, Phoniex, Arizona
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Mia sat frigid in place. Why did she still care? What was she supposed to change herself? Why should I change for them? She thought. After school she was sitting on the bus laughing with her cousin about a joke they made up, when they started making fun of her. They are the three boys. And what they did was make fun of her for who she was and her body. It wasn't her fault. She tried, she really did but nothing seemed to work. She ran 3 miles everyday to lose weight and was exhausted every time. The problem was that she was petite and if she put on the slightest weight she looked fat. She was in 8th grade and only weighed around 105 pounds. She knew she wasn't fat but the boys always said she was massive and ruined her self-confidence. But she cried no more. Not now. This time she would be Mia Kristen Lee. She was strong, a woman, one of the best runner in her gym class besides the 2 other girls. But why her? She had enough. She took no more. She was going to build herself up and not care what they think.
The next day

She sat where she usually sat and good enough they came, the boys.
'Did you ever know you're so fat?' one sneered.
She would ignore them.
They continued with their chatter but Mia would not listen.
And then at the last 5 minutes of the bus ride, she finally would say something, for herself. She examined them for a couple of minutes and then said,
'You know, you confuse me, you say I'm fat but I do know that fat can be fixed but you on the other hand can not,' She paused and then laughed,' and I am sorry that you have self-esteem problems but don't put it on other people because now it won't work on me. And I am always open to hear your problems; you don't have to do this anymore because what goes around comes around back to you. Keep doing it and you won't get a response.'
And with that she got up and walked off the bus onto the dusty road that led to her house. The wind blew her hair slightly and she finally let a sigh of relief. She felt free and happy, like she just opened a new door. She laughed and felt a firm feeling in her heart that she finally found herself.

The author's comments:
even if you dont relieze it you effect everybodys life in the littleist ways. you're special.

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