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How to Write a Story

May 5, 2021
By TheCogentOne SILVER, Dhaka, Other
TheCogentOne SILVER, Dhaka, Other
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Everyone likes to write stories. Whether it is short or long, book or a novel; it doesn't matter. There is a group of people who likes to write it and there is another group which writes stories as the only thing they like to do; or in a word, 'passion'. But writing stories is not as easy as everyone thinks. For making a story there must be a plot, twists and turns, content and so on. But for writing a story, one needs to be an escapist, a daydreamer per se. The person who has the capability of imagining, can write the perfect story a reader wants. Now, daydreaming is not that easy. People might call you crazy or mad, but the more you can imagine, the more better you will be able to write. Some examples of daydreaming might be talking with oneself, repeating a fake scenery more and more in your own mind with different situation and many more. But the main thing is talking with yourself. You may also think yourself crazy cause you are talking continuously with yourself. That day, I was walking on a street and talking with myself, somehow the person in front of me listened to my conversation and stared at me. Well, people may stare cause it's their only work but you are accomplishing a great thing here. By daydreaming, you can think of different scenarios, different characters and how their lifestyle could be. Some people may think this is a mental disorder which is Schizophrenia, but believe me you are perfectly fine and you do not have any kind of mental illness. Lastly, writing a story is not easy. One has to give a lot of hardwork for writing a story. And for the best story, everyone has to think more and more and have patience.

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