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Pet Dogs

August 6, 2010
By TashaNicole BRONZE, Queen Anne, Maryland
TashaNicole BRONZE, Queen Anne, Maryland
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There are many reasons why dogs make such good pets. Dogs are fun, helpful, loyal, and caring. They make terrific pets!

Dogs love to play. They are very energetic (more so when young) and love to have fun. Playing games like tug-of-war and fetch with them will not only be super fun for them, but for you too! Running and swimming with your dogs will be fun, loving, tiring, and good for you also. Have fun while exercising with your new favorite pet!

Dogs can be taught to do many things. Need help seeing or hearing? Have no fear! You can still get a dog. Dogs can be trained as seeing or hearing dogs for handicapped people, all over the world. Seeing eye dogs have special leashes they wear when they are working to help lead you around places. Special dogs for the deaf can come and get you when someone is at the door or something has happened. Dogs can be taught to specially communicate with the blind and deaf by tapping their paws so many times against one’s leg. So don’t let being blind or deaf stop you, get a dog today!

Dogs will always stand by you and protect you. Your dog always loves you - now and forever more, therefore s/he’ll always stand by your side. It will always put you above all others, even him/herself sometimes. Don’t worry when your pet is happy when someone else is petting him/her. It just likes all the extra attention, it still loves you the most.

Dogs are very caring. Once taught, they will obey your commands, such as “Be quiet” and “Release” , so they won’t get on your nerves too much, which shows they care. By watching over you and making sure no harm comes your way, they show they care as well. Also by not leaving your side when you are sick and leaving your side when you want to be alone, unless they think something bad will happen, puts them under the caring category. No need to worry about a non-caring canine, your furry friend shall care till the end!

Always remember that dogs aren’t perfect. We aren’t perfect, either. Don’t get mad when they just won’t release your favorite shoes or gloves. Or maybe s/he just won’t shut up and you have a killer headache. Maybe it just threw up on your new carpet. Don’t get mad, go see what’s wrong. Remember, dogs aren’t perfect, and neither are we.
Have fun with your new pet!

The author's comments:
I love dogs, and so should everyone! GO BUY A DOG TODAY!

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