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How to do something. Something real.

October 30, 2018
By Physarum GOLD, Christchurch, Other
Physarum GOLD, Christchurch, Other
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This is the worst age. Too old to spend all day playing on the playground, too young to really do anything. It's why so many of us go around tagging fences and causing destruction. It's our way to make a mark on the world, and the only way that society will accept.

How are we supposed to make a difference in the world when everything we say, everything we do, is shunned with a 'mm... maybe in a few years', or worse, outright ignored. How are we supposed to be someone, when everyone looks past us, expecting to see someone else.

But then again, you see so many stories of teens who have actually made a difference, so it must be possible, right?

Well, it is, it's just hard. You can't just sit there and wait for an opportunity to wander by, you have to fight for it. Yeah, it's tough, but it's worth it. Believe me, I would know.

So how exactly do you fight? Start by thinking. Think about what opportunity you want to fight to build for yourself. It should be something that has a real purpose, but also be something you enjoy. Some examples are teaching primary school kids something they don't get taught in school, or building a device which will help people in need, but really, it can be anything.

Wait till you've got it all planned out, then tell someone. This is often the hardest step. This is when it goes from being a dream to being reality. The main thing at this point is to choose who to tell wisely. It should be someone who has the means to actually help make it a reality, but it should be someone you trust, and who will give you constructive feedback. My personal preference is a teacher whose subject relates to what project I'm planning to do, but it really depends what your project is. Sometimes the person that you tell your idea to wil suggest you completely change your plans, and this can seem harsh, but remember they're only trying to help you improve your plans.

The next step is to physically do your thing. Some tips :

If your thing involves teaching, think about who you are teaching. Make it reletable and relevant.

If your thing involves building something, do extensive research. Really. Even if you think you know what you're doing.

Finally, this step is more optional. Share what you've done. Inspire others. Be that amazing person you read about online.

Really, it is just important not to feel trapped by what people say. Whatever they say, whoever you are, you will have something you can do to make a difference. Tagging fences isn't the only way. Whatever you do, you can do it well, even if they say you're too young.

The author's comments:

Recently, I started running juggling workshops at my old primary school, and it changed everything. Everything is better know. I hope this article helps you change your life too.

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This is great and sounds like a way I want to read about what the guidence councler says to people