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March 17, 2009
By Alan McQuinn BRONZE, Arlington, Virginia
Alan McQuinn BRONZE, Arlington, Virginia
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Break it down. Piece at a time. Break it apart. Smash it. Divide ….

A function. Has a form. X-component. Y-component. Slope. Curve. Soul? Derivative. Mind. Second derivative. Body. Less and less. A piece of a whole. Integral. Second integral. More and more. A constant? No, who needs a constant? Needs uniformity. Consistency?

Break it down. Piece at a time. Complicate it. Expand to simplify. Divide ….

Variables. Useless placeholders. X-component? Thought. Complicated signifiers of useless psychobabble. Y-component? Emotion. Z-component? Reality. Who needs an axis? A childhood. Who needs a defined reality? A concept of where we are in our time line. Our axis. Implications targeting us. Our theories. Our societies. Our postulates. We are the variables. We are the placeholders. We exist as wild chaos. Entropy.

Break it down. Piece at a time. Derive it to you. Limit. Divide ….

Go too far and you get zero. Derive zero. Get it. Do it. You can't. It consumes the function. It spreads like wildfire. Zero resistance. Ever seen what a zero will do to another function? Swallowed alive. Picture that silly second “Matrix” movie. Mr. Smith is a zero. He converts all others to himself. Except our hero. Our martyr. Salvation is incorruptible. That's life. That's our society. Our trends. Our belief system. Our humanity. Pulsing through us. Making it you. You, it. Zero.

Break it down. Piece at a time. Copy it. Repeat. Multiply. Divide ….

A function has another function. Breeds another function. And another. Even a zero. Especially a zero. Carbon copies. Blueprints. Advanced. Dumbed-down. Standard? Unique? Life has a function. Is a function. Has a form. Has trends. Has variables. Has pieces. Has limits. Has processes. Has us. More functions. More processes. Universal misunderstanding. Us?

Break it down. Piece at a time. Limits. Continuity. Laws. Explain them. Divide ….

You can't divide by zero. You can't exchange powers peacefully. Well, numbers can. Humans can't. History says no. Bloodshed. Tyrants. Trends only make more trends. Zeros make more zeros. Ever seen a fraction of a person? A shell? Victims? Someone eaten up by themselves? Square roots. Self-obsessed? Exponents. They add. Don't multiply. Jerks breed more a**holes. Cruelty, more sorrow. Who needs character? Who needs three dimensions? A sphere. A planet. An amassment of confidence. A thought process. A language all to itself. Math.

Break it down. Simplify. Reach a point. A solution. An answer.

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