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People come and people go

April 11, 2023
By Asherah1133 GOLD, Ensign, Kansas
Asherah1133 GOLD, Ensign, Kansas
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People come and go. You win some and you lose some.                                                  That’s what we’re taught, right? 
You can't win `em all. Not everyone stays... 
And that’s okay. 
But if you’re not going to stay, I’d rather you leave me alone altogether. 
I don’t need my heart dragged through any more pain than it already has been. 
I know it was long ago, but in many ways it's still a fresh wound   
That is trying to heal only to be torn open again. 
Push and pull. Give and take. 
I always gave more than I took. 
Fearing if I took too much, I’d become someone, something, that I’m not.  
But no. That’s not the truth.  
The truth is that I worried too much about when you would leave. 
I didn’t want you to be empty if you left. 
So, I gave more than I took. 
I was so sure that I could fill myself back up. 
That way, you wouldn’t need to do it for me. 
That’s why I gave more than I took. 
People come and people go. 
The more people that left, the less I revealed to others. 
I watched them go, one by one. 
And saw my reflection in their eyes as they went; 
One by one, I watched myself begin to close the door to that part of myself, 
Hiding it from everyone around me. 
 No longer did I let them in. 
“No.” I would tell my heart. 
“You are not to trust anyone, until I am certain of them; 
And even then, you must guard yourself.” 
“Tell them what they want to hear and nothing else.” 
“Give them just enough to satisfy their curiosity;  
Just enough so that they believe they know you inside and out.” 
Because I watched, one by one as they left and shut the door firmly behind them                    as they went. 
People come and people go. No one stays forever.   

The author's comments:

Have you ever had to watch yourself slowly shut the door to a part of you as more and more people left? I really hope that your answer is no. But if it is yes then, I am so profoundly sorry that you have had to go through that. It's harder than it should be to trust people even those you hold dear but over time you will heal and though there will be scars you will learn to laugh and accept that no one can stay forever.  And I don't know if trusting will ever become second nature again, but I guess only time will tell. Right? 

The only thing I know for sure is that through it all Jesus is always at our side.

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