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Brandon Altenburg

January 13, 2009
By Lane Grigg GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
Lane Grigg GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Michael Burrows is a 16 year old Chestnut High School student living in Chelsea, Massachusetts. Born
on January 2nd, 1991 in Worcestor, Massachusetts he enjoyed a successful writing career that
continued in that area until he reached the age of eight and moved to the Chelsea area. His early
works included Pass Plays in Crayon, Pick n' Rolls in Marker, and Shopping Lists in Chalk. He was
influenced early on in writing through his grandmother, who taught him how to spell his name and his
mother, who forced him to write out lengthy shopping lists. As he moved up the grades he began to
mature into a more advanced writer. In 6th grade he completed The Lewis and Clark Expedition, which
became an instant classic for future teacher use scored as the highest research paper in the class.
In eighth grade his masterfully composed graduation speech was chosen to be read at the ceremony and
registered as a complete success. In his high school career he has completed An Analysis of English
9 Novels, Conflict in Sudan, Diabetes, Symbols in the Great Gatsby, 455 Fiction stories, a wide
range of excellent essays about American historical topics and events, and numerous book reports and
other essays and minor papers. He is currently working on Spanish Goals for Columbus' Expedition,
and a Modern Arthurian Legend, which is based on the emergence of Sir Ryan Braun. In addition to
creating genius works of writing, Michael enjoys watching and playing football, basketball, and
baseball as well as running and working out. Many of his initial ideas for writing come from books
he has enjoyed reading and movies he has been fascinated by. His love of reading has allowed him to
often times see deeper into movies and novels underneath the topic story and into what the author is
trying to actually say. Years of loving to read have played a major impact in the quality of his
writing today. Michael also strives to get good grades, do well in sports, get accepted to Madison,
and be a good person. When not writing, participating in sports, or working towards these goals, he
likes to watch Scrubs and That 70s Show as well as action and comedy movies. In ten years, after
graduating with a journalism degree from UM-Amherst, Mr. Burrows will be a sportswriter for
Massachusetts Journal Sentinel (or another large newspaper) explaining to readers not only what happened
in the big game, but also why, who did what, and what all of it means to the player, the team, the
fans, and, occasionally, the rest of the nation.

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