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January 14, 2009
By Lane Grigg GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
Lane Grigg GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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John Stevens to this date rests his feet in Portsmouth with his dad and sister. Who is earning his High
School diploma at The U otherwise known as Portsmouth High School. During the free time when John is
not writing (which is all the time besides his 9th and 10th hour class) John usually go out with
friends and do the usual shenanigans. Or he could possibly be at his job at Best Buy which he is not
fond of. Try being trapped up by the register for 8 hours while you know everyone else out doing
something that couldn't possibly be worse then this. Poor John.

But his passion at the moment is drumming. Boy, this guy could play. Weather it be on an electric
Yamaha kit which his friend has or in the coziness of his own room playing expert to Rock Band. If
you could only hear the fills he produces it would send a jolt right up your spine.

But he wants to do more with his life then he is right now. John is wishing to move into a large
city like Milwaukee or possibly New York City. Those are some places where he can get his feet wet
in any industry he wants to go into. All he really wants to do is be financially stable with a job
where he can look forward to be doing something fun everyday. He knows with writing that goal could
never become achieved.

There is also a down side with every up-side. John knows that in the city can be the holder of the
rudest, stupid, and most annoying girls in the country. He can't stand those types. And O boy John
has experienced those in his group of friends.

John knowing that there can only be good to come he holds his head up high looking forward to the
future. All he needs right now is to do what he likes to do while in the company of his good buds.

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