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Night and Day

July 27, 2009
By gogreen118 GOLD, Lynnwood, Washington
gogreen118 GOLD, Lynnwood, Washington
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At night, the world is a different place. It’s not just when the moon peeks over the horizon and the sun dips down; it’s when a whole new world evolves, full of people daring to play on the dark side for a few hours, willing to dance in the shadows.

When the sun comes up, the people are blurs of navy blues, and dark grays, the occasional beige, the majority in black. They speak in a businesslike manner, smiling stiffly and nodding politely. They are as clean-cut as possible, never a dirty secret to be revealed while its daylight, because the sun scolds. The sun shines brightly to reveal.

The moon, however, welcomes. It hides the shames of the past, present, and those to come in the future. The night welcomes color. Vibrant red, electric blue and neon green blurs of color flouncing through the streets. Music blares through taverns and clubs, the pavement outside vibrating, echoing back the sounds.

When it’s the moons turn to disappear again, the sun leaps into the air, letting the world know that it’s time to restore order across the land. Some think that daytime is for living life, and the night is just a time for sleeping, and tuning out the rest of the world. But there are people that like to tune out the day, and the night reveals a new way to live; a way that craves individuality and distinctiveness. Not orderly, similar, indistinct seas of people. in short, the night is a secret world, that if you want to be a part of it, you have to be prepared to reveal yourself wholly, completely.

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