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Sunny Side Up Eggs

August 6, 2009
By Julie Avancena BRONZE, Reseda, California
Julie Avancena BRONZE, Reseda, California
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I would walk down the stairs in my grandmother's house in the Philippines and I would be ready to eat breakfast. I would take my seat, smell the food, look at the food, and see sunny side up eggs. At the time, I was around 8 years old and I hated sunny side up eggs, especially the yellow blob in the center. I usually spent my weekends with my grandma, who lived in a city called, Valenzuela. Every morning I could smell the aroma of breakfast, which she always cooked. My grandmother's name is, Marcela. She used to be a dentist who served underprivileged people in her community. Her glamor never faded as she was always dressed and beautiful, sometimes she even wore rollers while cooking breakfast! Well this year she visited us here in America. She has 10 kids by the way. She raised all 10 kids by herself, talk about strength. This 2009, my grandma decided to spend the summer with her kids living in America. One day she pulled me to the side and told me that she was happy to see all of us healthy and in good hands somewhere along that speech she said, "I can finally let them go," referring to her kids. It was hard for her to be far from her children, but seeing them this summer made her happy and pulled out the thorns that stabbed her frail heart. However, the day she would return to the Philippines, my grandmother collapsed on the escalator. She was hospitalized for three days. I didn't visit her in the hospital because children were not allowed, but I wanted to. By that Friday, we received a call in the early morning telling us that my grandmother had already passed away. She had a cardiac arrest followed by a heart attack, she didn't survive. She survived raising 10 rowdy kids, she survived her husband's infidelity, she survived People Power of the Philippines, she survived having her kids far away, but she didn't survive the heart attack. I delivered the eulogy for my grandmother, which is memorable and special to me. When I watch old videos of my family, I notice the power and strength of my grandmother; she birthed 10 kids, she allowed my grandfather to continue his infidelity, and she lived far from her kids, but she always smiled. My grandmother would always give lectures, which no one appreciated, until now, because they were important. Today, my mom made sunny side up eggs, I cried thinking of my "lola" (grandmother).

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