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Girl and the Boy

September 13, 2009
By angel11 PLATINUM, Co Spgs, Colorado
angel11 PLATINUM, Co Spgs, Colorado
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You know the feeling you get when you're cramped in a small car with four people in the back seat and you don't really want to touch there arms because it might feel weird. Well that's how i feel right about now shoved between a girl names Susan that seemed really relatively nice for the few seconds i had seen her outside my house and a guy named Nick that i had met early that day while my sister and I had stopped off to see her boyfriend. He seemed relatively quite, like me...
Well anyway i'm in that car right now and all i can think of is how i can manage to keep my arm from hitting his side and being self conscious every time we go around a corner afraid that i might smash him against the side of the door! I mean its not like im bigger then he is but, what if he doesn't have enough room and i totally smash him like a marshmallow against the door and the last thing he sees the the gross grey pleather of my sisters car. I mean if the skinny dancer Susan and i had switched places it would be fine because i wouldn't really have to worry about smashing the 170 pound marine against the wall, but then again Susan and the marine are going out so i guess she has rights to smash him.
But i hardly know Nick...
All im thinking sitting here is the cramp im getting im my right leg from bracing the turns is that i should have worn a different sweater rather then my old one with the letters falling off. I mean i guess it doesn't matter because its pitch black in the car and he doesn't care about my sweater he's probably just wishing my butt was smaller so he actually had somewhere to sit...

Ok you know when you are waiting at school for you mom to pick you up and you feel really lame when she like comes tow hours late because she forgot to pick you up? Well that's what i felt right about now being left in the dust by ride to the party. Here i am stuffed in the back seat with four people in this white Intrepid next to a girl i had only met a few hours ago. She was wearing the same navy blue sweater that she had been earlier and i remember wondering why it was her favorite. i mean i could tell it was her favorite because the letters were falling off and well she looked comfortable in it... Anyway, she didnt look that way now. She looked painfully uncomfortable scrunched between my friend Sean and his girlfried and i couldn't help but feel bad for her i mean shes all curlled up her hands pusshed between her knees that were attached to about 4 foot long legs. And everytime we went around a corner she would kindda wince away from me.
I frowned looking down. Maybe i smelled bad or something and i didn't know it. I stole a glance at her and her eyes shot away from mine. I smiled knowing she couldn't see it. Funny i hardly know this girl and i feel kind of attached to her laugh and her shyness, still so innocent. Her crazy sister's driving the car and making really sharp turns that the girl always manages to defy the pull of gravity to purposely resit touching me. Slightly i lifted my arm to smell my shirt it smelled like downey...nope not me it was her she was avoiding contact...what the hell is that supposed to mean...and why do i care

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