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"i love you"

December 14, 2009
By ladytrojan GOLD, Millington, Tennessee
ladytrojan GOLD, Millington, Tennessee
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You won world. I said the most dreadful, treacherous words to say. They burn my tongue like acid. I try to swallow them, but they just burn my throat and I have to vehement them back into my mouth. I tried to with stand the fiery pain. I tried to ignore it, but I couldn’t. I was weak. I spat them out and swallowed a cool glass of relief, to diminish some of the burning. Surprisingly, there are no blisters on my tongue. Instead, I feel tickles of lust, slivers of trust, and sparks of peace. I loathe these words. They cut open my chest, rip out my heart, and give it to someone else. They also give them another present, wrapped in a pretty little box with a bow. In the box is a knife, and now they possess the power to stab my heart whenever and as many times as they want. These devilish words trick you into thinking its something good, when in reality, it just gives someone else the power to hurt you. For these words, you compromise your happiness, your health, your pride. Yes, I’ve said these words, and I meant them. I’ve come to figure out that indeed these words give someone so much power, but not all will use it badly. Some will keep your heart in a glass box, lock it, and wear the key as a necklace. They will look at the glass box everyday to make sure your heart is still beating. And if one day they wake up and see that it’s not beating, they will take that knife, that those evil words gave them, and stab their own heart until it stops beating, because then they’ll finally have the same pulse as you.

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