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When Pitsons Pop And Tires Spin MAG

By Anonymous

   When Pistons Popand Tires SpinIntroduced with great flair back in nineteen hundred and sixty-four,
with three deuces and a four-speed atop a three-eighty-nine.
What a great feeling it must have been,
when you could go from first to second gear
without using the clutch.
(which did not mean much when it was new and still under factory warranty.)
It created a thunderous sound,
with tires chirping and the tiny front wheels up off the ground.

Then came the glorious reign of the Ram Air three,
which sounded like a jet on wheels
for all around to hear.
The Judge most definitely ruled the streets,
and its court was the nearest two-lane highway
or quarter-mile strip.
No one really understood the greatness of the GTO,
until it died one lonely day,
as a Ventura in nineteen hundred and seventy four.
Now a new generation has a chance
to have all that power at the twist of a key.
As all eight cylinders come to life,
leaving the sweet smell in the air,
of high octane fuel and thirty weight oil.
Getting ready to blast one more time
down the highway,
and show a turbo-charged four banger
who the boss still is.

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i love this !