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A Night to Remember MAG

By Anonymous

My heart was trembling, my body shaking and my expression was complete amazement as I saw the extremely handsome, 6 foot 4 inch god walking toward me. This wasn’t just any tall hunk, it was the quarterback of the New England Patriots, Drew Bledsoe. I was in shock, and to think I would be eating dinner with him.

Drew was the guest speaker at my school’s medallion dinner and I got to sit right next to him. He came over to our table and introduced himself to everyone, which obviously was not necessary since everyone knew who he was, but it was the gentlemanly thing to do. I was so nervous I did not know what to say but I managed to blurt something out. I wasn’t exactly sure of what to think of him so I kept my mind open. My parents, their friends and a good friend were also at the table and they somehow were calm and began conversations with him. He willingly answered anything and also had questions of his own. Of course I couldn’t utter one word so I just sat there and smiled at him, and surprisingly enough, he smiled back.

My outgoing friend, whose stepfather is the Patriots’ team doctor, decided to joke around and ask him if he or his brother would go to the cotillion with us. He smiled and asked when it was and then said, “I’ll see what I can do!” Even though we knew he was joking, we still melted in our seats.

By the end of the night we were laughing at and with our “good friend” Drew. That night I realized that he is just a regular guy with regular interests. But to my disappointment he told us that he was getting married to his girlfriend of four years in the spring. All the best to Drew and his fiancée and thanks for making that night “A Night to Remember.” c

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