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Carrot Liberators

November 27, 2007
By Inertia SILVER, Winnetka, Illinois
Inertia SILVER, Winnetka, Illinois
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The shameless flirting began. We must have started it because we were tossing around a moldy orange that crept into one of our lunches. It ended up on Ira’s plate who immediately threw it at Abby. Abby threw noodles at his face. Soon they were having there own little food fight.

When the fight wound down Jackie commented, “That was the most shameless flirting I have ever seen.” Ira threw a carrot at her as Ms. Weldon walked by.

“There is no throwing food in the cafeteria,” she told Ira sternly. By now he had gotten the carrot back and quickly thought of an excuse.

“We weren’t throwing food. We were making the carrots dreams come true!” Ira said happily holding the carrot in the air, “All it ever wanted was to be liberated-”

“-and today its dreams came true!” Abby added emotionally. Everyone cracked up.

Ms. Weldon smiled, “Well right know the carrots dreams don’t matter.”

Ira gasped. He thrust the carrot at Ms. Weldon. “Say it to its face!” he cried.

She laughed. “Well why don’t you make the brooms dream come true. It wants to sweep up the mess you and Abby made.”

After Ira finished making the broom’s dream come true, he, Jackie, Kristine and I, ran outside to liberate the carrot. He flung the carrot as far as he could. After a few second we dashed after it.

We reached it after Ira did. He dropped to the ground. “It died happy,” he said solemnly.

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