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The Bookworm

December 17, 2010
By WolfenWarrior PLATINUM, Some City, Virginia
WolfenWarrior PLATINUM, Some City, Virginia
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You pass her every day. You never see her face. She bumps into you and several other people as she walks, and she frequently misses her bus. She is seemingly a danger not only to herself, but also to those around her. Not to worry, she is merely a bookworm. Eventually she has to take her nose out of her book.

With this bookworm, if she is not already wearing glasses or contacts, she will surely be in the future with her constant reading. Her habit of reading at night doesn’t help much either. Most of the time, she will be wearing a shirt with her choice of a fictional character’s team, a shirt with her favorite characters on it, or a shirt expressing her love of reading. All bookworms are proud of their title, and usually have a rather large vocabulary.

If she is carrying a satchel of some kind, and if you were to look inside, you would surely see multiple books and bookmarks waiting to be used. She may even read multiple books simultaneously, miraculously not getting them confused with one another.

Having a conversation with her will always somehow turn to the subject of books, and she will surely tell you all of her favorites. Getting away from the subjects will be almost impossible, because she will always remember a book she has read that pertains to whatever you are talking about. She will surely recommend so many books to you, that you may have to write them on your hand. And all the way up your arm.

She even eats while reading, a habit some may say is rude, but one that she dubs necessary. Many times, she will try to recreate foods that she reads about in books. Good intentions she may have, but I recommend politely refusing when she asks if you would like to try some.

You can usually tell if the bookworm is a nice person or not by which character she supports; the hero or the villain.

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