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June 15, 2011
By Azure GOLD, Lake Oswego, Oregon
Azure GOLD, Lake Oswego, Oregon
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Music...what can I say about it? To me it's the sun and the moon and the stars. Few things have the ability to make me feel quite the way a good song does. The second I hear one I can feel my chest...expanding. And suddenly my head is full of beautiful words that fit together in an intricate pattern of movement. And the dancing comes next. It doesn't matter what kind it is, or what mood I'm in, or even where I am, it always begins with the finger tapping. Never on beat, just something to acknowledge the rhythm with. Then my feet begin to move. They don't tap, but curl and sway in time with the thrum of happiness and life. Soon enough I'm up, and my hips are moving in a way that defies all preconceived notions of cool or controlled. My lips are stretched out and full and my eyes are shining so bright I think for sure they can't open any wider. I'm twirling and swaying and swinging and smiling and I am happier than I have been in a long time, and in that moment alone I feel truly beautiful. In that moment I'm not checking to see if anyone else is dancing. I'm not wondering if people are looking at me, and I'm barely registering anything but the soft undertone and strong pull of music. In that moment I am dancing for myself, for pure expression of bliss and the knowledge that everything is perfectly flawed. In that moment I am free of my identity, my thoughts, and my inhibitions. In that moment I enter a realm in which only myself, the song, and the floor exist. In that moment I am myself.

The author's comments:
Music equals life.

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