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August 16, 2011
By WhoWillCareIfEveryoneDied GOLD, Indianapolis, Indiana
WhoWillCareIfEveryoneDied GOLD, Indianapolis, Indiana
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My life is everything but so were you, My life is unscratchable but then you riped me apart.

Cut, stab, drugs, abuse, and other forms will cause suicide. Trust me. I have done all that stuff but I've also been emotionaly abused. It needs more attention. Thoes topics I said need more attention to cause they are probabkly most the reasons why people have killed them selves. I know I've tried Im wanting to right nopw and usually everyday. But I don't cause I know I will fail like all the other times. Don't judge kids. Dont make them do it. Everyone is "emo" in there own way ita just not how they dress its the music and their actions. and thats a stereotype. SO NOT COOL. Don't stereotype yourself to be cool cause then other people will be even more angry with you cause then you will be a "poser" don't try to be cool. It just will hurt even more. I know ive lost more people in my life then 90% of everyone who read this ghave. i've lots 10 of my friends in the past month so dont do it please.

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Its about suicide

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