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Not Just Another Rant About Gay Rights

December 29, 2011
By Stormmyweather101 BRONZE, Port Orchard, Washington
Stormmyweather101 BRONZE, Port Orchard, Washington
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Ok, so maybe it is just another rant, and I know that I am the umpteenth person to write about this, but like everyone else, I have an opinion, call it biased or not. I think that before people start to argue about gay people they need to step back and look at things... a little bit more objectively.
You can think about homosexuality whatever way you want, whether you think it’s a choice or your born that way, a sin or the best thing in the world. Hell, even if you don’t really care, there are facts you need to look at before judging either side.
I won’t address the “it’s a choice” argument because; quite honestly I don’t think very many people would choose to face the hardships that come along with being gay. Why would someone choose to be picked on and stared at whenever you go anywhere with your girl/boyfriend?
Anyways, about the whole argument about how it’s a sin and wrong and gay people will go to hell. Perhaps this is irreligious and blasphemous but it makes me laugh, I mean think about this for a second: the bible was not written by God or Jesus, do we know who it was written by class? That’s right! It was written by men, hundreds of years after Jesus. So when the Bible says “nor men who have sex with men … will inherit the kingdom of God.” It was, I’d imagine, a rather homophobic man writing what he thinks is right, what he thinks Jesus said. And if you look at this same verse (1 Corinthians 6:9-11) in another version of the Bible it will say something different.
My point isn’t to make you doubt or question the Lords word or his existence, I am merely pointing out the fact that there is not substantial proof that He ever said “thou shalt not fornicate with thy own sex.” No, never, He didn’t say it, some bigot with a beard said it. I’m sorry to burst your bubble or hurt your feelings but quite honestly my feelings have been hurt, hurt by the hatred spread, not only by religious extremists but people who are ill educated and speaking before they know all the facts.
So there you have it, there is my two pence on the matter.

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