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How would you like to be tested on?

January 8, 2012
By babysteps GOLD, Wayland, Massachusetts
babysteps GOLD, Wayland, Massachusetts
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"An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind."
~Mahatma Gandhi

The bunny squirms as he is shot with the long syringe. The assistant doctor untangles cords and plugs and holds on the animal’s waist as he slowly-falls into a deep sleep. Hundreds of animals everyday are in this situation plucked, peeled and frozen for the research of things humans don’t really need.
Most people do not agree with animal testing. In a recent survey three fourths of people asked said they did not agree with testing or know of any animals that are tested on. We, the people of the world are uneducated on what animals are tested on, and how they test on them. These people are our future if people don’t know the effects of testing they may work in those companies and test on those animals and if we never educate our children and the chain will continue.
The dieing animals are extensive, sickness, disease, roadkill in the animal world because of humans, and a big one is us testing on them. These animals, such as rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, rats, cats, dogs, zebra fish, birds, frogs, and more are played with for thing we could do without. Animals can On average 81,001,958 animals every year are tested on beauty products and cleaning supplies such as make-up, hair products, lotions, nail polishes, nail polish removers, lipsticks and lip glosses we don’t really need. Even people are affected by animal testing, an estimate of over 20% of people in the world have been affected negatively by animal testing. In 2001 in the US alone there was an estimate of 80 million mice and rats tested on that year. Back to the survey, only one third of people asked, said they actually looked at the bottles to check if they were tested on animals.
If people could take the time to look for a “Not tested on animals” or the new image of a bunny meaning the same thing, maybe we could demolish testing all together. If we the world, as a community help raise and renew the animals who we have put in danger, animals and humans will live in peace forever.What would happen to our food chain if we keep testing on helpless animals? Would our food chain be broken and could we all die? We would be lucky if animal liberation groups win over the major companies then there maybe could be peace and the bunny could be in the wild like nature intended.

The author's comments:
I wrote this earlier this year as an opinion piece for school against animal testing.

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