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By Anonymous

   My mom and I were in the truck on the way to a butcher's auction for horses. I did not want to go but my mom said I should see what goes on and how cruel some people are to horses.

We pulled in and parked. Horses were everywhere. They were all skinny, scared and in terrible condition. At that moment I knew I must do something.

When we walked by the corral of abused horses with numbers on their hindquarters, one caught my eye. It was a big dirty gelding. His head was resting on the ground because he could not hold it up. The horse looked like he weighed only 700 pounds (he should weigh 1200 pounds) and was about to fall over. I went over to him and put my hand on his neck, quivers shot down his body and he tried to move away but couldn't because he had no energy. The gelding was obviously abused, starved and neglected.

I looked at his number; it was 38.

When everyone was seated for the auction, it began. I nervously sat waiting for #38 to try to walk out. Finally he came and I outbid everyone out. I bought him for 25c a pound.

My mom and I put the big guy on our trailer and went home. It took a while to find the perfect name, but I named him Buck Finder because he is a soft, creamy palomino.

For over three years, I bathed, brushed, fed and trained Bucky. It took a lot of good vets, dentists, blacksmiths and neurologists to get him back in shape. I had to get him to trust people again. By the end of the fourth year, Bucky and I had become really close. He would even come when I called him and he followed me around. We were inseparable. Bucky got healthy and muscular.

I started taking him to shows and he did awesome. He sailed over each fence perfectly. Together we won many championships. He looked and acted like a different horse. Bucky even won many halter classes and conformation classes. People would ask me where I got him and what did I do with his coat to make it so silky, soft and shiny. It is a great feeling to know that with lots of love, I saved #38's life.

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i love this so much!