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By Anonymous

   Why is everyone so obsessed with money? I'm sick of all these whiny rich people. Why does a person make millions of dollars for throwing a ball through a hoop, hitting another person as hard as they can, or reading a bunch of lines someone else wrote.

Unless you've been living under a rock recently you've heard about the "Friends" controversy. The stars weren't happy with making $30,000 dollars per episode. They were now demanding $100,000 dollars each episode! Now that, to me, is just ludicrous. I'll admit that I watch the show, but this bothers me. These people are probably already set for life, yet they feel that they need more money. It's the same in the world of professional sports. With strikes and lock-outs, sports are also getting out of hand.

When someone like Shaquille O'Neal uses a college scholarship not to get a education, but to get an NBA contract, that is unfair to those who struggle or are unable to pay tuition. And not only did he use basketball as a steppingstone, he didn't even bother to stay for four years! Look at him now, though, he just signed a contract worth over $100 million dollars with the Los Angeles Lakers. Can you believe that? My five-year-old brother can shoot foul shots better, but you don't see anyone signing him. I have nothing against Shaq and I'm sure he is a great person but I don't believe anyone deserves that kind of money, especially for something most people do in their leisure time.

These athletes and actors should watch young people audition for a play or try-out for a sports team. Do you think these kids are wondering how much they'll make per episode or wondering which agent could get them the most money? I highly doubt it, and, if they are, they should get their priorities straight. These actors and athletes should try and remember why they started acting or playing sports in the first place. ?

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i love this so much!

123456789jc said...
on Oct. 6 2011 at 4:58 pm
i think you schuld make it more smaller because for my project i can right all of that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!