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Your Hands

June 20, 2014
By bruisedmemories ELITE, Birdsboro, Pennsylvania
bruisedmemories ELITE, Birdsboro, Pennsylvania
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I noticed the way your hands shook by your side. They showed a feeling of nervousness as your words poured out, shakily. I listened to your beautiful words flow like fresh ink and flashed my once-in-a-lifetime smile. Little did I know, it was the start of my entire future. A simple, generous gesture and greeting magically turned into a friendship of jokes and favors; all because I saw that hand of yours shake. It was as if you were nervous to even talk to me because butterflies knocked on the doors of your stomach.

I noticed the way your hand grabbed mine in your embrace. Your finger circled my wrist in an angelic way. A pushed aside manner from my mind slowly started keeping me awake at night. Little did I know, the tree of friendship was sprouting into love. That quick movement grabbed my attention and pulled me in; all because I saw that hand of yours wrap around mine. It was as if you had a change of mind right at that moment and needed me to be yours.

I noticed the way your hands grabbed my face. You kissed me with a sweet and pure passion that only true love could express. My mind flew away to heaven and my heart nearly exploded in my chest. Little did I know, this was the exact moment the real deal was starting and not some staged play. A memory of tenderness wraps around my brain and plans out a world with you as the center; all because I saw your hands gently grab my cheeks. It was as if you were sincere and wanted to share your need to be wanted.

I noticed the way your hands reached out and pulled my whole body in for a hug. The miracle of an engagement starts when the lover speaks a glorious "yes". Every fantasy of a partnership suddenly flipped around to a commitment born to finally be walked upon. Little did I know, this was the first time in awhile that I'd cry genuine tears of joy. A path of real love calling our names from this moment on; all because your hands welcomed me with a whispered "yes". It was as if you were more ready than ever to finally tie the knot.

I noticed the way your hand shook as I put the ring around your finger. The same feeling of innocence from the first day I meant you came falling into place. This was what true love was all spelled out to be. Little did I know, that day I meant you as your hands shook and your voice cracked was the day that would forever shape me into a new person. A crossing of the stars by fate now lead to marriage; all because I saw that hand of yours shake when the wedding ring was placed upon you. It was as if the world was stopping for a split second because our lives finally turned into the picture perfect shot it was meant to be.

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