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Finding Mankind

July 6, 2014
By DerienShawn BRONZE, Clarksville, Tennessee
DerienShawn BRONZE, Clarksville, Tennessee
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When gazing upon another man, what is it that you see? Beneath the sheik or shabby fabrics he conceals himself in, and further beneath the hue of his skin; where do you find your eyes resting? Do you see his heart; where his best, or worst, intentions lie? If so, do you see it full of virtuous ambitions or scattered with malicious intents? In either chance, does it trouble you to understand his design or his innermost workings? Upon voicing his opinions, do you deconstruct his thoughts and search for their origins? Will you accept them for their content or dismiss them simply for their ignorance? Will you agree with him if his views align with that of yours, or rebuke him effortlessly if they do not?
Perchance your eyes rest upon his mind. What is it which you discover there? Might you find it gifted and full of mysterious wonder or ill-trained and rendered useless at all? Here, can you find his drive? That same force which motivates the ego of every man at his core. Or, do you see his desires exposed; that which are kept hidden by the persona which he exudes to the world. In either chance, does he unsettle you with his brilliance or rattle your nerves with his incompetence? If so, do you search within yourself to discover why, or attribute the phenomena to his personality alone?
By rare, divine fortune, your eyes may rest upon his soul. Only here are you able to find one’s purest identity and thus, the only one which truly exists. Therefore, do you witness the magnificence of his essence? Can you see that he and yourself are not separate, but the same? Are you moved that his spirit far exceeds his frame? Do you observe that his soul is pure, while his mind and heart are tainted by the world? Yet, most urgently, do you see that he is mankind?

The author's comments:
Always challenge yourself to look deeper into someone than what is seen on the outside.

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