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i was only 3

January 4, 2009
By jbent121260 SILVER, St.cloud, Florida
jbent121260 SILVER, St.cloud, Florida
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i did not know what was going on but i remember it like it was yesterday. my mom and dad were fighting again it wasnt unusual at the time they had been fighting for awhile. until i saw my dad puting all of his clothes and other stuff into his car. he said he would be back he did not say bye he didnt say i love you he just left. i was confused because it was just another day for me playing with my big sister outside. a few weeks later i heard for the first time in my whole three years of life the word divorce. eventhough i did not know what it meant i knew some how that it was not good. the judge granted that my dad could only see me and my sister once a week, on sunday. my sister kept alot of journals and talked to are mom alot but i kept it all in. i never talked alot about the divorce and i still really dont. the divorce never had an afect on me till a few years ago when my dad moved to vermont which is about fourteen hundred miles away from where i live. it was horrible. i just didnt like talking on the phone to him so i decided not to so for a few years i didnt talk to him at all. until last year in july he made plans to come back to see us except there was an unexpected twist he brang his girlfriend with him. which was hard for me very hard. i guess it would be because i never pictured him with anyone. they drove from vermont all the way to florida. it felt like he was trying to buy us back he bought us anything we wanted. then me and my sister wanted answers on why he moved to vermont. he came up with another lie and said there were no jobs, my mom got married, it just made me so mad. i didnt even want to see his face he tried to put his arm over my shoulder and i walked away. at that time i was already in tears i called my mom to come pick me up. he left the next day but i didnt cry until the next night when it sat in he didnt care. a couple days after he left i got a call from him and he told me him and his girlfriend were getting married. that just added to the whole thing. till this day hes still trying to buy us back hes paying for my guitar lessons. hes coming back down in march because my brother and his wife are having a baby. he will proabaly ignore me and my sister the whole time. i dont want what happened in july to happen again and he wants us to go to a little town in vermont and stay there with him. i just cant see that happening.

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Asherr! said...
on Jan. 9 2009 at 5:55 am
This is amazing. I love your writing. KEEP IT UP!!!!! =]]