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By Anonymous

      Mr. Hoy, my U.S. History teacher in eighth grade, told my class something I will never forget: “I never assign school projects because not everyone does their work.” It might sound like nothing, but to me, it has meant a lot. It was the first time a teacher ever said that to my class, and I appreciated it, especially since I end up doing all the work. Mr. Hoy taught me that it is better to do the work yourself, which I have tried to do ever since, because then I would get a grade I actually deserved.

This has made me a stronger student and a stronger person. When I go places with friends, I drive; I know I will not drink, but I cannot prevent my friends from doing so. I am better off driving myself home than being stranded or getting in a car with an intoxicated person.

I’ve seen people who drink at parties to be cool, but once they’re a senior, they think they can go to Cal Poly or Berkeley even though they have never picked up a textbook. I worked so hard to go to a good college and I could still not get in. I guess everyone’s brain functions differently. That’s why I do everything myself.

I trust myself. I trust myself to make my work presentable as well as to try my hardest at the task at hand. You never know in a work group what the other people are thinking, but you know what you are. I’d rather work by myself because I know I will get things done.

My friends, my parents, my school counselor, and my doctor constantly hear me talk about feeling like I am a 27-year-old in a 17-year-old body because I take care of myself, follow my dreams, and don’t let others interfere. I make rash decisions on my own. You have to live with yourself your whole life. You have to do what is best for you.

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