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Let It Snow MAG

By Anonymous

     The soft white powder has fallen steadily - and heavily - throughout the night, and outside my window, the world sparkles. The first thing I notice, though, is the silence. It is as if the entire globe has been covered in pillow stuffing and the only sound is a delicate, quiet whoosh.

I tiptoe downstairs, filled with anticipation as I turn on the radio and listen to the list of school closings. Although I am 17, I still believe in the magic of snow days - full-blown gifts from the universe.

What is it about snow days? Sure, who wouldn’t want a day off from school, homework, and responsibilities? But they are so much more than that. They are a message from the earth telling me to slow down, stop what I am doing, and relax.

I believe in snow days because they are like rare jewels I don’t often see, but when I do, their beauty is inspiring. They make me want to explore, build forts, make snow angels, stare at the sky.

Of course, I don’t just want to leave the appearance of my precious jewel entirely to chance. I believe in giving nature a little push in the right direction, so at the first taste of a cold snap, I start a low, steady chant: “Tomorrow will be a snow day.” I predict to my friends, who know they can count on me for winter weather updates, “I can just feel it.” Then I go to bed and dream of white precipitation and giant puffs of cold breath. And, according to tradition, I sleep with a spoon under my pillow.

The beauty of snow days - aside from the obvious - is that they force me to look at the world in an entirely different way. Everything about them encourages me to engage all my senses - the way the flakes taste on my tongue, the shock of cold moisture on my skin, the hush I hear, the white I see, and the smell of hot chocolate from inside my warm, cozy home.

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i love this so much!