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Curiosity Led Me Into The Future MAG

By Anonymous

     It was a hot Wednesday afternoon and the bell hadjust rung. Everyone ran out of their classrooms to the quad where tables and clubrepresentatives waited. I passed the Future Business Leaders of America table andwas given some brochures. Two weeks later, Marvin, the vice president, asked if Iwere going to join. As he started to list all the reasons why I should, I wasthinking of all the negatives - the high membership fee, the time commitment andso on. But curiosity had took over and I joined.

Jenny H., a FutureBusiness Leader of America, I repeated the words to myself, liking the way theysounded. I became an active member of this organization, which is why I now wantto pursue a career in business.

My first meeting was the State LeadershipConference. When the automatic doors opened, the noise flowed into my ears. I wasapproached by friendly members from around the state. "Hi, my name isSam," one greeted me, to which I said "Hi" before walking away,too shy to approach anyone. But soon I got the hang of it, and the next thing Iknew, I was the one going around introducing myself.

Everyone was dressedin spiffy professional clothes, and we headed to the opening session. Music wasplaying, the stage was lit, and the session hadn't even begun. After the statepresident called the meeting to order, a stampede of future business leadersstormed out the doors and made their way to workshops. I attended one on resumes,how to prepare for an interview, and how to greet someone and give a properhandshake. The next session was on how to improve your time management skills,and the last was on leadership.

In those two days I learned so much.Returning home, I felt determined to turn my life around. I even ran fortreasurer of my F.B.L.A. Club and won. I spent lots of time thinking offundraisers and then making them happen. The time management skills definitelycame in handy! Even though I was always busy, I ran for treasurer againthis year and was re-elected.

Before I joined the Future Business Leadersof America, I was a naive little girl unaware of how the real world worked.F.B.L.A. forced me to face the real world and helped make it easier since itprepared me for the future. Of course, you can never be too prepared, so I guessyou can say F.B.L.A. gave me that little push I needed to start getting myselfprepared. It has surely taught me skills I will most definitely need in future.

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