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Circle of Gilbert MAG

By Anonymous

Imaginationsform best
while you're little
because of the innocence
within oursouls
Many times our
creativity would become evident
to our parents andneighbors
while growing up,
in the Circle of Gilbert.
From HauntedHouses
to a Game of "Animals."
Sidewalk chalk and
Riding bikes, rollerblades,
late night gamesof
Street hockey, capture the flag.
The best hideaway
whereall the kids
became the most creative
was in "the woods."
Here we could build
restaurants and towns,
climb trees,
dig upIndian clay,
and pretend to be at camp.
"The woods" wasour
sanctuary, in the
Circle of Gilbert.
Daily treatswere
Everyone took a turn
providing the cold snack.
We allgot along
for the most part.
Soon kids would
grow up and leave.
Now,the only time I spend
in the Circle of Gilbert
is driving down
thestreet and back up
to park my car
on the side of the road.
The onlysignificance
of this street is a place to live.
My home and thememories
that were made
ring true here.
The Circle of Gilbert
Gilbert Circle.
Now it is an address,
where my
bills andcollege papers

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i love this so much!