May 17, 2016
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A lot of people have a hard time communicating with other people. I sometimes have that problem.

People think that if they be themselves other people wouldn’t like their character, and they would be rejected.



They just stay on the outside looking in, and pretend to care less about not being able to fit in. Sometimes they actually don’t care, but most times they care a lot.



They’d rather contact people through social media than to talk to somebody face to face. They’re not sure if they would have anything in common with the other person, so they just think it’s easier to stay quiet.


If you have that problem, here are a few conversation starters. They work for me a lot. You could chose witch one you’d like to start with. Or these starters might give you some more ideas.

  Introduce yourself

Ask what their name is

Ask what their favorite books are and see if they’ve read the same books as you. (You can talk about the characters and the writing style of the book)

Ask the person if they’ve seen a movie or show that you’ve watched before. ( Then you can talk about the different characters and your opinion of them)

Ask if they play sports (this can really be a great conversation if you play sports as well)

Tell them a little about yourself (without giving too much information)

Ask about their hobbies and talk about yours (without bragging and rambling on)

If you are in a large group or so, you can invite other people into your conversation

Talk about the achievements and struggles in school

From there, you can start thinking of your own things to say

Of course, you don’t have to talk in this exact order. Sometimes you will see another group of kids and teens talking to themselves in their own group. You are showing leadership by starting a conversation with somebody else, instead of waiting for them to talk to you. I know it might be easier said than done. However, you will have to break out of your comfort zone sometimes in order to lead. Being shy and quiet might be easier for you to do than talk, but the easy way is not always the best way. It might not feel comfortable at first, but after a while you will start to get used to it.

Colossians 4:6
Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how you ought to answer each person.

The author's comments:

This is for the teens out there who want to be better communicators.

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