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Creation from a Christian Point of View

May 17, 2016
By M501athletic GOLD, USA, Other
M501athletic GOLD, USA, Other
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Hebrews 11:3

By Faith we understand that the universe was created by the word of God, so that what is seen was not made out of things that are visible.

Jesus is the answer to all of our problems. We walk by Faith and not by sight. Scientists argue that God is not real since we can’t see him. However, they believe and trust that an atom is real and matter is real even though you can’t see it. Everyone has a philosophy (which is a set of ideas, beliefs, and values that make up your decision). But you can’t always rely on the traditional philosophy of man to infect your philosophy. Christians get their philosophy from the word not from man. People think the Bible is just full of made up stories, but if you really look at it carefully; you can see that most of the things that are written in the Bible has foretold what is happening today. The devil tries to mess up man’s philosophy just a bit by throwing him off guard and twisting the scriptures around. From there that can take a person off track from reading the Bible, that will start to form into doubt.
Throughout the years, many scientists have found artifacts that show proof of what was in the Bible. Still, people want to have their own mindset and receive more “realistic” evidence. Evolution is also a theory, it can change any time. Someone can always come up with a new discovery and prove someone’s previous discovery as false, however, God’s word stays the same yesterday, today, and forever. Once he gives his word it doesn’t change.
We know that scientists use test and studies to prove their hypothesis correct, but have they ever tested the word of God? Someone probably has, it’s possible; but at the same time we are not sure if they tested it right. You can’t just use God’s word as a test for a certain amount of time and ask him to do what you want before your deadline. God works on his own timing, we just have to believe that he is working in us and that he won’t ever forsake us. In Heaven there is no time, so we can’t go by our amount of time for things to just happen. You have to believe and walk by Faith. You have to trust what the Bible says and fellowship with God. He will give you answers when the time is right.

The problem with people today is that they want to know everything right then. They want to know scientific and reasonable answers that the world would believe. Yet, if you look around at the detailed creations in the world, there is no doubt that the world had a creator. Nothing just happens, there is a reason for everything. People think that we Christians believe that God created the world with a blink of the eye, but they are completely missing the fact that it took him seven days to create the world. It was in a certain order in which everything happened. In evolution, they say that the world just evolved and there was a big bang that made everything just come into place. It makes better since to know that a creator made everything in a certain amount of time, not a loud sound that created everything. Reading the word and listening to God’s voice tells us Christians that God did in fact create the world in the beginning. And he is coming back to take us to a better world in the end. We are just travelers wandering around the world, but our real place is in Heaven.

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I beleive that God created the universe. So this article is about creation from a Christian point of view

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on Aug. 25 2016 at 11:14 am
M501athletic GOLD, USA, Other
19 articles 22 photos 46 comments

Favorite Quote:
It is never too late to have a new dream- C.S. Lewis

Thanks for your comment!

on Aug. 25 2016 at 7:37 am
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Amen, This is very true.