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Just For A While

February 27, 2009
By Carmella Lentz BRONZE, Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Carmella Lentz BRONZE, Winston-Salem, North Carolina
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What am I doing? Why am I getting rid of a good thing? Is he really worth that last bit of innocence I have left?

Now I'm just laying waiting to see what happens next. I wait. I tease, and then it happens. Just for a few seconds, 2 become 1. We share the same body and mind. We both share the same thoughts. This is really happening. Please stop, no don't stop. That unbreakable bond. We can read each others mind. No pain. Just the feel of our crimson heart beating. The love becomes stronger until there's nothing that remains to be loved.

Just as soon as it started, it's over. Reality slays me in my back making me cough up that lie that's been sitting in the back of my mind. I didn't want you to stop. The truth claws at me chest until it breaks out. I never wanted you to leave.

It's true but it's too late. I let me hold go. I gave up what little I had. Then I realize that he has left me. He'll never come back.

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on Dec. 18 2012 at 12:19 pm
Shadowpomgurl PLATINUM, Canton, New York
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wow. thats really heartfelt and painful. you have a talent!