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my puppy ace

January 29, 2009
By jbent121260 SILVER,, Florida
jbent121260 SILVER,, Florida
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in febuary of 2008 me and my sister adopted a puppy from the animal shelter. he was 12 weeks old and was only 12 pound.he was a lab mix. which means he should of been alot bigger than he was at the time. he was ABUSED every time a person went near him he hid in the corner of his cold concrete cage. we had to wait a week to adopt him because they have to spay and neuter every animal. it was cold that week so we brought him a blanket. later that week we brought him home and named him ace short for his real name ACDC. we brought him to our grandparents house because they have a big yard. he found the softest spot of grass and layed out in the sun for an hour. he was so cute he would look at us like he was thanking us for getting him out of the bad place as we call it [the pound]. he was now the happiest puppy i had ever seen. until we had to give him a bath. it took three people to get him to the bathroom and into the bathtub and i had to sit in there with him. were guessing someone either sprayed him with water when he was really little or something. he jumps over or goes around puddles outside. now hes one and hes fat and happy. we take him everywhere with us. right now im sitting on the couch and hs curled up next to me on a blanket. would you say hes spoiled oh yeah he has his own box of toys.

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